Gastric Bypass Wyoming

Finding a Good Gastric Bypass Surgeon in Wyoming

Wyoming is primarily known for its famous and breathtaking landmarks spread out over its 97,818 square miles. Wyoming has 23 hospitals to serve its population of approximately 583,000 people. The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is located in the capital city of Wyoming. With 238 beds and 121 affiliated doctors, the medical center is rated as high performing in two procedures/conditions. Located just 177 miles northeast is the Wyoming Medical center in the city of Casper. This hospital has 191 beds and 182 affiliated doctors. It is rated as high performing in two procedures/conditions as well.

Like other states such as Alaska, Delaware, and Idaho, there are no medical schools in Wyoming. However, in terms of healthcare workers, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reported that the state had 3,528 professionally active nurses in 2016. They also reported that Wyoming had 1,137 practicing physicians including 603 primary care doctors and 534 specialty doctors.

Top Cities for Gastric Bypass Surgery in Wyoming

Health Insurance in Wyoming

The following insurance company may cover gastric bypass surgery. However, patients considering gastric bypass surgery should contact the insurance company to discuss their policies and coverage details.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyominge
Gastric Bypass Wyoming