If you’re suffering from obesity, you might be curious about gastric bypass surgery, a procedure that has helped many people lose a great deal of weight. Many celebrities have had the procedure, including Sharon Osborne, Randy Jackson and Al Roker.

 A gastric bypass involves two steps:

Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Your surgeon will decrease the size of your stomach by dividing it into two separate compartments. The smaller compartment, which is about the size of a walnut, will be your new stomach, and it will be capable of holding a lesser amount of food. This causes you to feel full very quickly and forces you to stay on a low-calorie diet.
  • During the second step, your surgeon will connect the small compartment of your stomach to a piece of your small intestine. This bypasses part of your small intestine and allows your body to absorb less of the food you’ve eaten.

How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?

Gastric Bypass Surgery CostGastric bypass surgery has the potential to help many people who are suffering from severe obesity, but figuring out how to pay for the surgery can sometimes be a challenge. The cost of a gastric bypass varies depending on your insurance policy, individual health situation and location. Some of the most expensive states to get the surgery include New Mexico, Oregon and New York. Prices are lower in states like Texas, Florida and Nevada.

A 2015 survey found that the average price for gastric bypass surgery decreased by approximately $800 between 2014 and 2015. However, this is a bit misleading. These are average prices, and they are somewhat thrown off by the fact that gastric bypass surgery is often much cheaper outside of the United States. Traveling to receive surgery, also known as medical tourism, can save you a great deal of money, but it also might put your health at serious risk. Not every country has laws that properly regulate surgical procedures. If you’re a considering a gastric bypass in a foreign country, please take some time to research the laws and regulations in the area.

If you plan on paying cash for your surgery, you’ll be looking at an average cost of around $25,571.

Will Insurance Pay for Gastric Bypass Surgery?

The good news is that many insurance plans cover gastric bypass surgery as long as you meet certain criteria. This may include a recommendation from your doctor that states the surgery is medically necessary. Some insurance policies don’t cover gastric bypass at all, so be sure to contact your agent before making an appointment. If coverage is denied, you might be able to appeal.

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