Thousands of people each year elect to go through gastric bypass surgery. However, around 80 percent of these patients will regain weight a year or later after their surgeries.

While the surgery itself can be a lifesaver for severely obese individuals, it is not fail-proof in helping you keep the weight off permanently. You can maintain your post-gastric bypass weight loss by knowing what risks could lead to you putting the pounds back on again.

 Weight Gain Risk Factors

alcohol-abuseSome patients go through this surgery believing that it is a quick fix for their obesity problems. They fail to take the correct post-operative measures to help them keep the weight off for good.

One of the biggest mistakes that gastric bypass patients make involves falling back into their old dietary habits. While they may have watched what they ate and measured their portions carefully in the first few months after their surgery, they inevitably revert into behaviors that first led to their weight gain. As they eat more food, the size of their stomach pouches increase and cause them to put on the weight that they previously lost.

Another weight gain pitfall centers on drug and alcohol abuse. Patients who abuse drugs or alcohol after their surgeries put themselves at risk for gaining weight. Alcohol is full of sugar and empty calories while drugs like marijuana and some types of narcotics increase your hunger. Abusing any of these substances can cause you to eat more and gain weight.

Finally, some gastric bypass patients put weight back on after their surgeries because they suffer from psychological issues. Some patients are afraid of their thinner bodies and new appearances.

They feel unsure of themselves and do not recognize the person looking back at them in the mirror. They think that by putting the weight back on that they will feel more assured of their identities and more comfortable in their own bodies.

Avoiding Post-Gastric Bypass Weight Gain

 Avoiding Post-Gastric Bypass Weight GainSo what actions can you take to avoid putting weight that you have lost after your surgery back on again? First, you are advised to continue on your recommended dietary plan.

You may have worked closely with doctors and dieticians after your surgery to learn about portioning your meals and preparing foods in a healthier manner. It is important that you keep up with these recommendations if you want to avoid gaining weight.

You also should take up some form of exercise. Whether it be walking around the block every day or lifting weights at the gym, exercise helps you burn calories and keeps your weight at a normal level.

Finally, you should get counseling if you feel unsure of yourself or experiences feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or sadness after your surgery. These emotions are normal but can still jeopardize your weight loss goals. Talking with a counselor can help keep them in perspective.

Gastric bypass helps thousands avoid severe obesity. Know the risks of post-operative weight gain and how to avoid them successfully.